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Video Editing
Image post-production is a key step we take to ensure that appropriate editing combines the images into a dynamic and logical story and gives the video a certain "point of view". The final product presents a point of view, conveys a message and serves a predetermined purpose.

Color grading

It brings colours to life and add a unique atmosphere to your film. Contrast, colour or saturation adjustments will enhance the video's corporate "look" and the client's graphic identity. We will make sure that the final look of the video meets your ideas and references and modern visual trends.

Audio post-production

In audio post-production we will make sure that your video has the best sound, that the voice of the commentators and performers is crystal clear and understandable, at the same time dynamic, we will make sure that the sound atmosphere of the film will literally draw you in.


From pop hits to Hollywood epic symphonic pieces, we will create and provide original music, theme music and sound design that will take your film to another dimension and support your success story.

Editing, image post production, video effects, original composed music, background music, music editing, sound design, voiceover, sound mixing.

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